Looking for a high performance way to generate creativity and teamwork at the office, we can help!

Whether you want to travel to our location or you would like us to travel to yours ,we can help with:

  • Team Building
  • Unique Rewards for Your Staff Members
  • Company Picnics, Department Potlucks, and Holiday Parties

Concerned about the “artistic” level of your participants?  Well, don’t be!  We have a huge selection of shapes and tons of patterns, silkscreens, stencils, and fool proof techniques to make it easy for all levels.  There is truly no experience required!

Some of the popular approaches to these events are:

  • Each participant choose their own piece and approach (let each person’s creativity show)
  • Collaborative painting (Let each person share in your piece or a “Ccmmunity” piece.)  Now that’s teamwork!
  • Have the entire team paint the same piece in the same way with a pre-selected project (keep it focused)

One great fringe benefit is that you can use your piece in your everyday life.  It may even help you go green by creating that reusable plate, bowl, or cup that eliminates a disposable item at work!

We are here to help with ideas and to consult on your next event.  Contact us today so we can help!